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Salt lamps are essentially ion-type air cleaners. They ostensibly work by drawing moisture and ions into the lamp. The moisture evaporates, but the ions stay in. Andrew Weil, a pretty common sense woo-woo physician, says there's a couple of very small studies that ion-generators can help with anxiety and seasonal affective disorder, but ultimately:



If you want to bring a Himalayan salt lamp into your home, choose one for its decorative value, not because you expect it to produce negative ions or improve your health.


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Thanks for the responses :)

I just noticed there's a Salt Therapy centre and they advertise therapy for mood disorders. I'm pretty skeptical but I wondered if there was maybe some untapped magic here. I think I'll pass. It looks like something I'd like to lick...

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I think like wooster said, if you like their aesthetic then its definitely worth getting one & seeing if you notice any difference.
Irrelevantly, but still to do with the salt lamp I had a correlation between getting one a few years ago that I keep by my bed & not experiencing hayfever. Probably unrelated but they just seem to coincide. I think its worth trying different things like this as long as you don't put too much stock in them. Salt lamps are beautiful and create a really nice ambience that can be soothing, IMO.

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21 hours ago, Gearhead said:


Salt lamps are extremely dangerous to pets. They like licking the delicious salt.

Wow, thanks for sharing that.  I had been considering one of those salt lamps because I think they look nice, but I also have multiple critters.  Not going to get a lamp now, sure not worth it. The cat and dogs team up and can manage to get into just about anything.  Glad I read this

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