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manic episode by zoloft

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Have you been seeing a pdoc for awhile? What was your original diagnosis (and your symptoms) before the psychotic episode? We cannot diagnose here...but could be helpful for you to get a second opinion from another doctor. Some people can have a bad/severe reaction to a particular antidepressant (like those warnings you see on prozac that an adverse suicidal reaction can occur), but (IMO) I don't think this reaction necessarily means (in every case) the person is officially Bipolar. It could possibly be a medication-induced episode. Again, I'm not a doctor....

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I believe there's something in the DSM criteria about how long an antidepressant-induced hypo/mania has to last before it qualifies as a bipolar episode. I'd go find a PDF of the DSM and investigate that further. But either way I'd get an opinion from either your current doctor or another one and ask about the possibility of bipolar.

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 I know there are those that react horribly to anti depressants. (Me)  Med induced mania IMO is very common.  I see in your signature you have a DX of bipolar 1.  Are you still taking the Zoloft and geodone?

 Who knows it certain meds caused mania.  If we knew we would all take them, hehehe Who knows really. Mania is a tricky little bastard. 

 Have you let you pdoc know how you are feeling?

No one here can diagnose you. But how you describe your feelings sounds like depression. 


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