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I recently started Parnate and titrated up to 20 mg, and am titrating my Adderall gradually (currently at 12.5 mg/day) to see what dose I can tolerate with it, and have Mirapex (1 mg) along with it, which I've found to by highly synergistic, as just the beginning of this week, I woke up and suddenly noticed that I suddenly felt amazing . I don't want to speak too soon or jinx myself by declaring "I have achieved euthymia!" (though this has been a pretty amazing week!), and I'm on a baby dose of Parnate (which I hope my pdoc will titrate up, and hope it will affect me even better than I have experienced lately), and my track record with medicines, when they've worked, has been to achieve a response for a few weeks and then they will poop out after just a few weeks. The only exception was Cymbalta, which worked for several months in a row.

What I'm looking for is to maintain these fantastic results that I've achieved lately from Parnate and Mirapex that were recently added, and to my knowledge, lithium is a good maintenance medicine. I am taking Lamictal, which I've read both maintains or just delays the precipitation of a depressive episode, but I feel like I need some added "protection..."

Has anyone had experience with maintaining euthymia with lithium?

On what other drugs have you experienced a "maintenance" of euthymia?

Thanks for any responses! :) 

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