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Triptans and Aspirin

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I can't remember who suggested taking the two in combination...it was in another thread here...Jenni? Forgive me if I'm wrong...wait, let me check...I hate misquoting.  Yes, it was Jenni.

Anyway, for those that have done this, have you felt really stoned immediately after? I popped a Maxalt and a couple of aspirins, as suggested, on Sunday as I was starting to feel all of the migraine ickiness coming on and holy! Whee! I was stumbling all over the place and dizzy and just gahhhh... at everything around me.

It didn't last that long.  Or was this just more migraine-y weirdness that could have been happening? I'm just curious if anyone else has gotten such a powerful buzz from the combo.  I'm still chuckling.


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