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Moclobemide (reversible-MAOI) experiences? Anyone?

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Anyone have experiences on the reversible-MAOI Meclobemide (aka Manerix)? Apparently it’s not in the US (but in Europe, Australia & everywhere else). I cannot seem to get much info on this drug but from Wikipedia - seems like a promising choice for someone that has gone through most all the SSRIs, SNRIs, A/Ps etc.

On (Wikipedia):

Of 2300 people in multiple clinical trials who were treated with moclobemide in doses up to 600 mg with no dietary restrictions, none experienced a tyramine-mediated hypertensive reaction.[60]

Moclobemide is tolerated to a similar degree to the SSRI antidepressants, although unlike SSRIs, moclobemide does not cause sexual dysfunction and gastrointestinal disturbance is less common[citation needed]. Moclobemide has been found to be superior to tricyclic and irreversible MAOI antidepressants in terms of side effects, as it does not cause anticholinergic, sedative or cardiovascular adverse effects[9] as well as not causing weight gain.[59]

Unlike the irreversible MAOIs there is no evidence of liver toxicity with moclobemide.[61] Moclobemide has a similar efficacy profile compared to other antidepressants but is significantly superior to the tricyclic antidepressants and the classic (unselective or irreversible) MAOIs, in terms of tolerance and safety profile.

Below, Per “Dr. Bob” (though I can’t vouch for this source) : http://www.dr-bob.org/tips/split/Experience-with-moclobemid.html

Moclobemide is the most frequently prescribed antidepressant in psychiatric practice in Finland. According to a Finnish double-blind multicenter trial, it was as good as or better than fluoxetine in all aspects when treating major depression (DSM-III-R criteria). Moclobemide was better in patients with atypical features.”

“Further useful for the group of patients who might benefit from MAOIs but are too frightened of a possible hypertensive crisis to proceed with a trial of standard MAOIs.”

I now use this drug as a first choice in Depression (usually mild to moderate depression in my practice). It is usually remarkable in the absence of any exciting side effects (not much to talk about sometimes!)”

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3 hours ago, wookie said:

This is something I may mention to my doctor.  I tend to get anxiety and restlessness from antidepressants.  Nothing has quelled my anxiety well in the ssri department. 

How long do you give antidepressants to work? All SSRIs cause me a great deal of  anxiety for the first month. Citalopram (an SSRI) did too. But after about a month, the anxiety went away and the citalopram began to work and it works wonders against my anxiety. It is at least as good as a benzo.

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I found my anxiety was easily triggered for me.  I did okay and then something would set me off.  Hence me taking ativan.  I just never felt really okay on them.

I have been on Zoloft for 3 months and it sort of fixes the depression but I just suffered this constant anxiety.  I dropped buspar because I felt like I was keyed up and ragey.

Waiting for a thorough assessment in February.  Just trying to work with what I got for now.

My doctor prescribed Lyrica to me and I have stopped buspar and I am limiting Ativan intake.  I am going to stop taking ativan altogether.

I am waitlisted for an anxiety disorder group.

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