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Seroquel. The drug that finally let me SLEEP! After a ten-month long torture session (AKA ten months in a mixed episode and undiagnosed until being popped inpatient) during which I had a hard time sleeping for more than 2 hours a night if I was lucky, Seroquel was my pill in shining armor. I have gained weight on it -- about 15 pounds. My current pdoc, who I really like and who encourages as holistic an approach to the treatment of my BD as possible, is suggesting that I stop taking my 25 mg dose. As that dose is the lowest you can go, I thought it would be no problem to just quit taking it. 

It seems I was wrong. After three days off, I was sweaty, sniffly, restlessly exhausted, headachy, and above all, nauseous and in pain from stomach cramps. Last night I took a Zofran and after the nausea backed off, 25 mg of Seroquel.  I still feel pretty thrashed today. 

It seems so weird that I would have withdrawal symptoms from this drug on such a low dose! Has anyone else experienced Seroquel withdrawal?  From the things I've read online, it seems to be a pretty difficult med to quit. I would be so grateful if anyone has advice or experiences to share. 

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Yeah, I did.  I tapered really slowly and I had pretty bad withdrawal - mainly nausea.  You could go slower by cutting the 25 mg pills into halves and then quarters.  That's probably how I would do it if I had to do it again.

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Yes. I've run out of it before and realized only after the pharmacy closed. I can't sleep and usually have to go the entire next day without it because it knocks me out. After about 36 hours I start having flu-like symptoms - chills, nausea, shaking, etc. My former psychiatrist called it the "seroquel flu". 

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