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Mania, dopamine, and Speech

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Now I know fast speech is a part of mania but for someone like me who struggled their entire life with speech problems albeit minor ones like mumbling. I found that when I didn't take any medication my speech was like that of a professional speaker. It was well controlled not too fast not too slow i stopped mumbling and i was just able to read out loud in a very powerful way that was very clear. One person even said that they understood every word I said since it was spoken so clearly. So my question I guess is what impact does mania, dopamine, and speech have with each other. Because when i'm on drugs i cant speak for shit. Yet when i'm off them i feel less fear of initiating conversations and more energy less sluggish depression etc. I remember my first psychiatrist wondered if my speech problems were because of the drugs or illness or something else. So i'm just wondering if you guys can relate or know of anything about speech, dopamine, and mania.

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I'm a very shy person, very much an introvert, and I've never been good at speaking. I can holdĀ conversations decently sometimes and definitely with certain people I feel comfortable with, but that's about it.

When I'm manic, however, good luck getting me to shut up if I open my mouth because I don't. My words aren't always horribly incoherent, but they're usually too fast to keep up with and if you expected me to hold onto the same subject you'd be dead wrong. Especially if I'm on a thinking kick, my thoughts are going way too fast for me. I could be discussing literature and it could fade into philosophy because I thought of a 'thought provoking' question and soon after I could be babbling about my kitten and how she overturned a bucket on top of herself while standing on her hind legs to peek inside it.

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