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Hi Everyone

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I found this site while searching for info on different disorders, and I thought I would join to have somewhere to talk with people who have had similar experiences. I'm 24, like to draw, paint, write, and play old RPGs. I've always been kind of shy and odd, but a couple years ago I just started falling apart. I started seeing a psychiatric nurse and she suspects it's schizoaffective. I hope I can get it under control soon so I can move back out of my mom's house. It's nice to find a board like this :)

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Hello Dunsparce,

welcome to CB :) I like painting and writing and old RPGs too. I like JRPGs as well, but I'm more selective about them. 

It makes sense to want to move out of your mum's house again. Good for you for seeing a pnurse! If you want to talk about how that's going, you're more than welcome to. There's also a schiophrenic board where a fair few schizoaffective folks post, if you want to post there. There are also blogs, if you want to write for yourself. You can either make it public to share with others here, or not. Feel free to take a look-see and investigate.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, inquiries, or et ceteras, please feel free to PM the staff member of your choice.

Looking forward to seeing your posts around!

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Welcome! I think many of us would describe ourselves as a bit odd here so I'm sure you'll fit right in. I hope you feel comfortable to have a chat with people or talk about whatever you need to. Good luck with trying to get your MH under control, I feel you there.

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