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Will I be able to work? Will I be able to do well next semester? (starts next week) Is it possible with the disorder?

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I have been a bit worried about it.

I am not fully functioning in life, even doing diarly tasks it's hard for me, so how I am supposed to go college every morning? And study day by day (everyday) what was said during lessons to be prepared to final examns instead of studying everything during the final examns period.

I already have lost a year because of the disorder, I don't want to lose another one...

The disabily service can't do anything special, they are focused on people with phyisical disabilities. They cannot change assignments/examns/test dates if I am specially bad those days... What I normally do it's talking to my teachers to make them know I am in the disability service and my diagnosis, so if later I have a problem they tend to be more understanding.

Morover, I study a degree in pharmacy, we have lab practices (4-5h long), they are very hard, and exausting. The subjects I have are really complex, difficult... in my country the pharmacy degree along with medicine and the engineerings (electronic, informatic, industrial, etc...) are considered the most difficult ones. The degree lasts 5 years (It's like a bachelor degree+master in one), I am doing the 2 years.

I have 4 in-person lessons this semester and 2 subjects I have to study by my own, so 6 final examns in total.

I don't know, I am just nervous. I would like to specialize and work in a hospital as a psychopharmacologist, or inmunologist, or hospital pharmacist (the one who prepares the medicines for patients) and make researches... 


Is is possible to work? To do well? I know many of you are on disability, me too. But is there anyone who works or who could get a degree while the disorder whas there?

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It absolutely is, the key though is not put yourself into a situation were you aren't ready to handle.

The most important thing you have right now is your stability.


You can absolutely do this to state again, just take it a day at a time.

Probably join a support group in your Area, and if there aren't any start one.


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OliverB I  hope you don't push yourself too much. Yes, people can do things with your dx, like mellifluous says it really depends on your symptoms.

You have wonderful goals and I want you to reach them. Just make your health a priority.

Have you read "The Center Cannot Hold". Elyn Saks has schizophrenia and is very successful.

I am not a great example. I work  part-time and it is low-stress, but I am not you 

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I have a different dx than you do, BP1, albeit with psychosis in any mood. (Frankly I don't know the difference between that and SZA bipolar-type.)

I had a very hard time in school - I studied Computer Science - and barely graduated. I also made no use of disability services - I barely was aware of them. Interestingly enough I did the best in my CS classes, largely because they were later in the day and the assignments typically did not need to be done on a daily basis.

OTOH, I have managed to work, almost all doing software development, most of the time once I got out of school, even though some of that time I had a lot of trouble functioning at work. I have definitely benefited from employers that put up with my MI, such as my very strange hours and my spending like entire months doing nothing. One thing is that I am most definitely more functional at work than at home, I have a good amount of trouble functioning on my own at home but I function pretty well at work most of the time.

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