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Greetings! I'm case number 25842!

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Hello everyone,

Just noticed this section of the Forum and thought I shall make a proper introduction post.

I have a current dx of Schizo Affective, I currently experiencing an excellent state of stability from just 5 mg of abilify a day.

My dx evolved out of bipolar, I was on lithium before.

My last major episode was way back in September 2015. To date I've had 3 major episodes that got me at least a one week stay in the hospital.

When I had that last major episode the doctors gave me a dx of "Atypical Psychosis" however my pdoc gave a dx of Schizo Affective instead.


Some things I'm interested right now is to get my level of human interaction up a bit so I don't suffer from another episode.



Thank you for Reading!



PS: My user name is actually a numerical code for my first name. It was not my actual case number.



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