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Has anyone with a serious (but now stabilized) MI lived in a third world country for awhile?

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This question is directed not only for people who have a schizo diagnosis but also bipolar and severe depression/anxiety. I didn't know which forum to post this. Moderators feel free to move it if necessary.

Basically, since I started clozapine about two years ago, I've reached stability. I only get mild voices every so often in a day but nothing major, which distort reality for me. I haven't been hospitalized in three years. The last time I was manic was probably three or four years ago, thanks to lithium. Yes I get minor mood switches but nothing I can't deal with mindfulness and CBT skills. I haven't been seriously suicidal for at least two years. Because of my success, I see my pdoc and tdoc every three months and they say they are amazed over how far I've come. I just wanted to give this background information to show that this thought is coming from a perspective of stability.

It has always been a dream of mine to live in a foreign country and teach English. Right now, I'm looking at Southeast Asia. I have some contacts who could look for a position for me. The only problem I have is how do I get my meds? Especially clozapine, which also requires a blood test. I also wear hearing aids and what if they broke or something? Could I get them fixed? Back to the meds, I would be scared about asking a country's government if they have my meds because then they will realize I have a MI and deny me entry because stigma is very strong there. Also I don't know if there is some rule about SSI payments and being abroad? I will bring this up with my therapist the next time I see him.

Maybe I should just plan a trip, instead of teaching?

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I spent eight months on two occasions traveling around India and Nepal before I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. I had such a amazing time that the urge to go back is so strong it's hard to resist going back sometimes. I have looked into it I'm allowed to leave the country (UK) for up to a month for each holiday without it affecting my social security benefits (it will be different for SSI) The biggest obstacle is getting travel insurance. It's nearly impossible getting somebody to insure me for one month duration and without insurance I'm left in a really vulnerable position. Although medical care is cheap in India if something serious were to happen and I needed  emergency treatment the hospital wouldn't start treating me unless they knew I had health insurance or a means to pay the medical bill and thousands of things can happen while travelling from small to very serious incidents.


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