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One of my symptoms of BP is hyper sexuality. Before I was diagnosed this led to an extramarital affair. When I read about people's experiences they all had more than one partner, but I had only one though I went back to him repeatedly. I also engaged in online sex chat and definitely masturbated A LOT! Has anyone else been in the situation where they only had one extramarital affair as opposed to many? My husband seems to think there had to be many so he's having a hard time believing there was only one, albeit the same one multiple times.

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1 hour ago, dragonfly23 said:

Been there done that. 

I had an open relationship, but my partner couldn't handle it. I tried to have three-ways too, but none of my LTR partners would consent. So when I was single, I mostly did three-ways, four-ways, and more-ways. I found them to be very liberating. 

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