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buying drugs from Canadal

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My current insurance company insists on changes to the formulary.  One is a blod pressure drug that is old, cheap and the only one that doesn't depress the good cholesterol levels.  So...   GDOC gave me the old time paper script and said to check GoodRX.  GoodRX showed me the cheapest location around town but....  Its more then I pay in co pays for everything else. 

So - I wonder if anyone has bought drugs by mail from Canada?   Are you concerned that the manufacturer might be some odd place in Turkey or India?  Any words of wisdome much appreciated.

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It is illegal to import drugs into the US. If you go this route be aware that the drugs can be confiscated at the border. Furthermore, a lot of the sites that say they are in Canada are fronts for sites located in places like India (if you are lucky). You have no clue as to the quality control or if you are really getting what you think you are getting in the correct doses. 

My advice is to stay away from foreign mail-order pharmacies.

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You might want to check rxoutreach.org (an american pharmacy my pdoc recommends for low-income patients) and see if they offer your particular generic drug and what the cost is for a 90-day supply. You also have to set up an account and then have your doctor send them the prescription. This can take a few weeks to get rolling according to my pdoc.

Regarding (online) "canadian" pharmacies, I've used two and don't even remember the name of one of them and the one I do remember the name of seems to have really high prices now even for the generic stuff I take. But I used them years back when effexor and remeron were relatively new and even when they became generic I still used the pharmacies for awhile. I never had major issues with either pharmacy and neither did my pdoc.

However, I do remember at one point in time, one of the companies gave you a choice of the drug country. Choosing the India drugs meant that the drugs would be even cheaper than the UK/Canadian/etc. drugs. So a couple times I chose the India drugs (though it was still through the canadian pharmacy). Well, I experienced no major issues except a few things that shouldn't have passed quality control which kind of made me nervous, such as in a 90 day supply of effexor (which is 180 pills for me), there would be 1-3 unusable pills. I say unusable because the 1-3 pills would only be half (one side of) the pill gelcap. I can't even remember if they were packaged in a bottle or a blister pack but I'd never come across half a pill before with no "beads" inside until I ordered the India effexor. It's a little disconcerting to come across and you wonder what other mistakes/inconsistencies might have happened that you don't know about.

After that, I went back to the slightly more expensive UK/Canadian/etc. drugs. Never had an issue with shipping, getting the right drugs, efficacy, etc. I think the pharmacies I used guaranteed that if your package went missing (was confiscated) on its way from them to you that they would just ship you another package. I think this may have happened once, if at all, to me in the years I was using a non-US pharmacy. 

Still, I can never really advise or encourage people to use non-US pharmacies because I haven't used one probably since 2011 and have no idea which companies are even legit anymore (if any) and where the drugs are coming from. It's definitely taking a risk. How big a risk, who knows. I'm just trying to tell you about my experience when I had no drug coverage and effexor and remeron were the magic combo for keeping me sane.

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