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Buspirone for depression?

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My doctor called in scripts for Effexor XR (75 mg) and Buspar (20 mg). I am already on Lamictal 200 mg/day and Wellbutrin 300 mg/day. I don't have anxiety, just depression, and in my first meeting with her she asked if I needed something for anxiety and I said no, that I didn't have any problems with anxiety. She had an "Ok... if you say so" look. 

So why does she want me on an anti-anxiety medication if I don't have anxiety? I have an appointment Monday, but figured I'd ask here first. 


I mean, I guess I'll just trust her judgement (she has 17 years of experience so...pretty good) and start taking it today, but I don't really see the point. 

Is taking this many medications normal? I feel like a walking pharmacy.  She thinks maybe I'm bipolar and was having mixed episodes or something like that, but in the second meeting she said I don't really fit in a nice box and since I am getting my thyroid in order that could play a big role. So for the time being I guess I'm "bipolar" but not Bipolar Bipolar. I'm definitely depressed. Clearly something isn't working. I was on Latuda but it only helped marginally and I'm not going to shell out $900 for something that only helps a little bit. 

When I first saw her I was taking wellbutrin and Effexor XR, 300 mg of each. She took me off of the Effexor and added other meds like depakote and vraylar that I'm not taking now. I do not understand why she would take me off of 300 mg's just to put me back on 75 mg when it apparently wasn't working in the first place. If it was working then I would never have bothered seeking out a pdoc (I had just been seeing a GP.) 

I'm honestly at my wits end, my family is as well, and I am willing to take the strongest pill she can throw at me. I'm so over this. 

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 I'm really not sure why she put you back on the 75mg EffexorXR, after taking you totally off it before, especially when you say it wasn't working for you.....I would suggest calling and asking about it.

As for buspar, it is mainly used for anxiety, although it can be tried as an add-on med for treatment-resistant depression......In other words, buspar combined with an antidepressant has been shown in some studies, to improve the action of the antidepressant........

This is possibly why she may have prescribed it for you, but again I suggest a call to ask exactly why she gave it:


Quote from above link:

"Buspirone. In terms of clinical characteristics, buspirone's primary activity is as an anxiolytic. Although buspirone may decrease the nonspecific symptoms of depression, it has no specific or intrinsic antidepressant effects. However, when used in conjunction with an antidepressant, it may have augmentative antidepressant effects. A number of open studies of dosages of 15 to 30 mg of buspirone per day for up to three months suggested that an improved antidepressant response occurred in up to two thirds of patients."

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