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yup. perfectionism + performance anxiety - it's a creativity killer. Many times I was given a complex set of tasks, individual goal, something involving creativity & quick turn around, I'd freeze up in worry. I'm unemployed at the moment, but know exactly how this feels. It is quite debilitating and difficult to deal with. Anxiety got so bad at certain jobs I became super paranoid if I didn't finish something perfectly I would be fired. Terrified of making a mistake and/or afraid people would see me as incompetent or something.

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I'm terrified of doing badly at work, or being seen as incompetent. But I have other fears (I'm terrified of being "lazy" even when I'm really not) that make it so I HAVE to work. So what ends up happening is I work my ass off, finish the thing, and then lament that it wasn't better for a really long time. I convince myself I made a million mistakes and hate myself for it. Even when I get good feedback, I don't fully believe it.

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