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Moods and sunshine

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My moods are tied up to the weather very strongly. if its sunny out, my anxiety dwindles down immensely, to a point where it loses control over me. I get filled with hope, feels like everything's going to be okay. But in an instant if clouds appear and block the sun, my anxiety shoots up. i feel hopeless. Like nothing i can do can prevent the impending doom. This second its sunny, im okay, the next sec its cloudy, i'm depressed and anxious as hell. It changes in a blink of an eye. 

Its really hard when sun doesn't show up for a couple of days in a row. Mostly in the winters. Honestly its the only thing i am afraid of. Its not a subtle difference. In fact, on sunny days i don't even need meds to function. whereas on dark days, even the meds don't help. I feel powerless, coz i cant control the weather. I wonder if any one out there has experienced something similar. My doctors dont even know for sure if its bipolar, or just depression or some anxiety disorder. Any insight you could share that could help would be much appreciated.

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I live in an area where the weather is prone to rapid and sudden shifts (seventy and sunny one day, forty and icy raining the next, etc), so I couldn't imagine how you live. It must be terrifying in its own right.

The closest thing I personally have ever had is something of how the weather affects my mood. It only seems to affect anything if I'm manic or hypomanic, and if it's sunny I'll have a more euphoric mania. But if the weather is shitty, I'll have a more mixed/dysphoric mania.

And as far as insight, I'd look at the criteria for a manic episode. From your rather short description, it just sounds like you're sitting in a comfortable mood state when the sun is out but I recommend you look at the symptoms in case you left something vital out here. I can't diagnose you, obviously, but frankly this sounds like if there was such a thing as rapid cycling seasonal affective disorder or something.

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I am tied to weather as well.   I do a few things to head off winter depression. I have a light box.  I sit in front of it in the morning before work. 

My pdoc and Tdoc know I have SAD on top of a BP 1 DX, so are ready to help.

Vitamin d may help as well, I just started taking it.  Others have found it helped. 

If it is sunny and not below zero I walk outside.  Even if only for a few minutes.  Get some light in your eyes. 

On the flip side, I tend to run manic in the spring.  Whole different ball of wax,. 

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