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Upon finding the right antipsychotic..

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When you've found the right drug did you find you had the best nights sleep you've ever had? I did. I felt so comfortable in my bed. I've never experienced a night like that before or since unfortunately even when going up in dose. I think it was well deserved too because I was have insomnia and trouble sleeping in general for about 3 months prior to that. I sleep pretty well now, not usually uninterrupted at the moment though. I'd love to have another night like that. 

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For me, it might not have happened because I have always been on a big cocktail of meds, so if I try a new med and it seems to be working, it will be influenced by the other meds ... which might contribute to me still not being able to sleep a good night.  Don't know if that is all true, but just a thought anyway.


19 minutes ago, Southern Discomfort said:

I wonder about other people. Or if it's just me.

I think it is one of those things where YMMV ... happens with some people and not others.

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