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Possible Abduction by neighbor

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A neighbor asked me to travel with her to her daughters home to deliver some goods.  I agreed.  I thought her daughter lived close by, I was not told where she lived when we started out, I just assumed.  After driving 20 miles on the highways I asked where we were going.  The location was then disclosed.... 80 miles from where we lived and far out in the country. I froze.  It was never disclosed we were going to be gone this far.  I am disabled and have neurological conditions that make me ill when traveling in the car for long periods of time. The neighbor is 84 years old (I'm 66) and the car seems just as old and here we are racing on the super highways weaving in and out playing chicken with the semi's.  Then we were off the highways and onto back country roads for the remainding 30 miles.  She said nothing, we did not talk. She's usually pretty talkative.  I felt not only physically ill but emotionally frightened, to frightened to say anything, I was paralyzed. I knew nothing about the neighborhoods we were in. We finally arrived at her daughters home, a home I really did not want to go into.  I sat and listened to idle chatter until it was time to leave.  But she wanted to keep driving around this neighborhood pointing out different businesses and places she knew in her past. We stopped for gas and I was asked to get out and put gas in her car.  The sun was setting, we had already been gone 4 hours. Then she chose a different way back, or so I was told.  As we traveled, I kept asking for her to pull off at restaurants where I could revive myself in the bathrooms. I kept an eye on the highway signs to see in which direction we were heading.  Eventually we crossed over a bridge I was familiar with and I knew I was heading home.  When we finally got home, we had been gone 8 hours.  She never thanked me.  When I asked her why she needed me for this long ride, she said it was important that I come along just in case.... but she would never finish her sentence.  I have never experienced feeling abducted or trapped in my life, but this came pretty close. She lives in the same senior building as I do, two doors down from me and I don't know how to go forward with her after this.  Needless to say, my PTSD has been extremely activated and I know it's going to take awhile to come down from this experience. I have lost all trust in her. 

Thank you for reading this scary experience. 
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Thank you ananke :)  I am having alot of trouble reconciling what happened to me yesterday.  Going thru many different layers of emotions.  Slept most of the day away today trying to get away from all this.  Still my mood is soo up and down.  I have no protectors in my life, so there is no one to turn to when things like this happen.  She could have had plans to drop me off and leave me there and God only knows what would have happened to me, but that's paranoid thinking. 


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I feel like this is something my grandmother would do. She's very manipulative & gets people to do stuff with or for her that they probably don't want to do/understand the full extent of all the time. I don't think she understands how the other person must feel though. She's very self centred & doesn't consider others feelings. She also isn't appreciative of what anyone does for her. No one should do this to another person. I'm reallly sorry this happened to you. If it helps, maybe keep a safe distance from her until you start to feel better at least. Don't be afraid to walk away or say no if she asks you to do anything else for her. Maybe if you ever feel up to it confront her & make sure she knows it was inappropriate so maybe she doesn't do it to anyone else. Take time to take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling less triggered soon.

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