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Come on By to Say Hi or To Cry or Whatever

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Hi Everyone, I know this isn't like chat.. but I figure maybe we could use this sort of like an AIM or just to talk and see what everyone is up to or how we are doing. 

We can talk about cats, food, mental breakdowns, anything you want!! Don't be sad.. I know this is a big change not having chat, but we are still here. 

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Oh...I didn't notice that CB chat was gone. I haven't been on for a bit. That is a bummer. Nothing like a good manic chat at 3am.



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On 2/27/2017 at 10:20 PM, nervousbat said:

Hi! This is pretty random, I didn't want to post a thread about it because it seems so trivial, so I thought I'd ask here. Anyone here find clothes shopping stressful? I have such a neurotic relationship with clothes shopping. I LOVE clothes and fashion, but I have a hard time actually buying clothes for myself.

I've mostly been shopping online, because there aren't a lot of stores to choose from around here and it's crazy expensive to buy a train ticket and go shopping in the city, plus it's very stressful and exhausting with the people and trying to find something in the stores by myself. Shopping online takes away that stress, but the downside is that the size is never what you think it's going to be. It either runs small or big, or it's too long or too short or clingy. If I really like it I will go and have it tailored. Otherwise I will wear it in the house and never go out with it, or give it to charity or consignment. I also try to go thrift shopping whenever possible. We have a few thrift stores and there's always something interesting to look at. The downside of THAT however is that there's a risk of bringing home moths, which has already happened. My sister (or me, one of us though definitely) brought something infested into the house and now we have freaking clothes moths. I have to clean out my closets and drawers every once and a while. We're not like very badly infested with them but I find a larvae or moth occasionally.

I've sort of lost my zeal for fashion a little. I think I've learned a lot since I started spending more time clothes shopping on my own, but I just don't know how people do it. How do people all have their clothes put together and not baggy? Where are they getting their clothes from? Jean shopping to me is a nightmare. I would love to be able to wear denim pants without looking awkward but just don't have any luck finding pants that fit right. I have a round belly and don't like wearing high waisted pants for that reason, just doesn't feel comfortable. And my butt is weirdly shaped, it's flat or something lol, and the problem I often run into is having too much fabric that ends up sagging in the butt area. So frustrating! I've worn ONE pair jeans everyday for a year now and they are very baggy at this point, not just in the butt. 

Does anyone have a clothing store they recommend for stuff like jeans? Maybe I just need to keep looking. Ugh it's so annoying, pants shopping is the worst.  

Lucky Brand online sells different styles of jeans in different inseams but it's expensive.  GAP is another store with similar perks.  Usually their pants come short, regular, and long- or at least they used to when I shopped there years ago.  Also, a lot of jeans especially GAP makes skinny fit and super skinny fit jeans for people with small butts- I assume it's for small butts.  Well.., anyways. My size is 28 women's (hippopotamus) and I wear my size in the skinny fit because otherwise they are baggy in the legs but not the waist.   Everybody has a unique shape.  

Ive been out buying clothes for myself since I was a young teen and at first it was a lot of adrenaline and craziness but I've gotten so used to it- even at my current size- it's like second nature to me.  Shopping is something I LOVE.  

I hope this helps. 

Check out these pants!  http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1076534&vid=1&pid=525593002

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