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Bipolar management and PTSD Question

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So recently I started on a mood stabilizer thaat has given me my life back. My mood now feels within my control, I'm able to actually live, and things are great. However, there's something I've noticed as of recent.

Recently in class my teacher brought up incest and because of that I started scratching at myself with a pencil. I wanted to just run out of the room and hurt myself very badly. I know I was sexually abused as a kid, but have trouble remembering the actual events so it's all stored within me, explaining that reaction... but I haven't reacted that way in awhile. I usually just try going cold when it's mentioned, but that didn't work on that day.

Then today I heard screaming in my head from one of my personality parts (I have OSDD), felt dissociative during the day and driving home, felt uncomfortable in my own skin (like I have to GET. OUT. NOW.), and like my body just needs to wail out and cry about things that happened to it. Also, I'm hating any physical contact, no matter how light or friendly. It's all hurtful, invasive, and unsafe to me. I just want it all to stop.

But aside from all that I have a question for anyone with both Bipolar and PTSD.. does managing your bipolar make your PTSD come out more because you're more capable of dealing with it now, or am I just making assumptions?

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I think it was the fact I was safe and loved and believed I was safe and loved that caused what I imagine as my "boxes of bad memories" to get unpacked and make a mess of my mind. Before that my therapist says I was living in survival mode and had everything packed up tight. Also I think having babies screwed up my control. I think the manifestation PTSD and the blossoming of my bipolar happened together after I had babies, was sleep deprived and also safe and loved. 

I have learned to repack my memories with therapy. They still leak out at times, but I can pack them back again.

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