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Xanax headaches

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I rearly get headaches at all (Probably solid bone head) on my part.   Xanax... I really dislike the stuff.  Its too strong, doesn't last long enough and when you mention anything good or bad about it?  Well it freaks my GDoc out of her mind.   *I Do like the Cat vrs poodle clip...

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8 hours ago, KnickNak said:

Are you having benefits with the Xanax besides the headaches? I get headaches once in awhile while taking it but it's usually the next day. And depending how bad my anxiety was prior the day before. 

Not sure if this was directed to me or not, but will answer just in case.

Yes, xanax is beneficial for me.  Usually I am fine when I take it.  It is just if I have too much in me that I get a headache.

7 hours ago, HAL9000 said:

*I Do like the Cat vrs poodle clip...

@KnickNak  LOL me too :lol:


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On 2/1/2017 at 4:42 PM, hopelessromantic said:

Last 2 times I have needed my .5 mg Xanax I have gotten a headache. So I cut it in 1/2, and still got a headache. I've been on this nearly 20 years on an as need basis. Wondering if my body's just "done" with it and I need to switch - anyone ever experience the headaches from a dose?

This has happened to me but in a slightly different way. I take Xanax as needed for a sleep aide. I have noticed at times I wake up with a migraine, as if I was grinding my teeth all night. I have wondered about the xanax.

BUT, I think this has more to do with what I ate, what I felt, my anxiety, stress, than the med itself. I have only been taking it for a couple of years, if that.  I also take valium on an as needed basis for performance and social anxiety. However, at times I use the valium as a sleep aide instead of the xanax and I have never gotten a headache from valium.

Have you spoken to your Pdoc? Can you try a different benzo? And when are you taking the Xanax - night, morning? Also, did you switch from brand to generic or get a different generic?

I would check out other variables. If this has only occurred twice, that is not really enough to assign all the blame to the Xanax. Meds do poop out, but usually not by causing a headache, but by having no affect whatsoever. 

Found this article for you: https://www.drugs.com/answers/what-should-i-expect-when-taking-alprazolam-xanax-19754.html

About Xanax and headaches. (Interesting to note: like with many meds, cutting the medication in half sometimes has the REVERSE effect.)


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