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Yeaaaaa So I made A Promise

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I promised my kids and hubby I would do my best not to self harm, it worked for awhile and then I got triggered really bad and relapsed, per usual. So instead I found an alternate route, I had this tattoo put where I usually self harm.  Putting that there I know I wont want to mess it up by self harming, I have only self harmed on my thighs once, so that's easy not to do and I plan on getting another tattoo on  my other arm for the same reason. I'm really hoping that this will work. Scroll down to see the entire tattoo.


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I volunteer with a mental health service as well (as have my own issues) & a client told me the other week she got her tattoos mainly for this reason. It seems to help her a lot, that tats have been around a while & theyre not damaged. It's a great  idea, good luck. 

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