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In about half of my dreams, I am someone else. And in the rest, I am me but my personality is different. I have asked about this on other forums, but no one seems to share this experience. I was wondering if anyone else has this experience . Oh, and occasionally I'm even various animals.

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Hmm... I think I'm always me in my dreams. But sometimes I'm "well me" and sometimes I'm psychotic me and that doesn't always match up to what's happening in non dream life. 

Ive been physically incapacitated in dreams and felt out of body, but not taken other forms that I recall. Except aether. Sorta

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Oh god, I have been having weird dreams.  I am always myself, but a lot of times my husband is there too, and 50% of the time he is some horrible personality that is NOTHING like him in real life.  Let me tell you, these dreams seem so real I feel that we are in a different dimension.  But I've concluded that even if that is the case, my husband is a different guy in those dimensions, but in THIS reality, he is nice and I can trust him.

I've also had out of body experiences and other strange dreams in which I am myself, but a real passive, watered-down version of myself.  I hate those.

Keep in mind I am not on meds so I have no idea if what I'm saying is anything close to helpful.

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