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Bird photography

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Just wondering whether anyone here is interested in bird photography and could give me some advice?

I currently have a Sony alpha30, which is... old (10 years or so), and some of the buttons are not working anymore, making the settings very slow. Nothing awful, but it makes it harder to actually take pictures of birds which are not totally still for 20 minutes... And it would cost me more to fix it than to get a new camera. I have some lenses, one 50mm 1.8 that I love and a 18-70 mm and a 55-200mm which I use now.

The issue is... from what I've seen, Sony does not make "entry level" DSLR anymore. And very few affordable lenses above 200mm. So:

- do I switch to another brand? but then.... I probably won't be able to use my current lenses much.

- what kind of lenses do I want? I've read everything "anything below 400mm is worthless for birds" to "use a teleconverter" to "never use a teleconverter".

Any recommendation?

Knowing that obviously, I don't have much money for it, so I will definitely buy second-hand, not the latest models, and not the best ones.

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