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    • By Fruitful.Entropy
      TL;DR: Can Vraylar cause a "frog in the throat" symptom, so that I sound like I'm whispering and hoarse?
      I'm bipolar, medicated for 15 years now.  Up until 3-4 weeks ago, I was on 1200mg Lithium, 200mg Lamictal, and 1.5mg Vraylar.  The first two are years old, the 1.5mg Vraylar was added several months ago.  It messed with my sleep but that faded after 1-2 months.
      3-4 weeks ago, my PDoc raised my Vraylar to 3mg, then several days later to 4.5mg, then several days later to 6mg.  The goal was to address bipolar depression that hit me suddenly.  However, the side effect of restlessness was too much - I couldn't stay in my chair long enough to get any work done.  So we reversed the Vraylar, dropping 6mg -> 4.5mg -> 3mg -> 1.5mg over a couple weeks.  (And then added 100mg Wellbutrin).
      One side effect that came in along with the restlessness was vocal problems.  It felt like I had a frog in my throat, and I would revert to a whispery voice. My voice sounds hoarse, the way it does when you overuse it and have to speak softly for a while.  And every time I think it's getting better I talk with someone and find it's not.  I think there's been improvement but not uniformly.
      It's not listed as a side effect in the Vraylar PI sheet. 
      Has anyone experienced or heard of this sort of symptom, with Vraylar or any other med? 
    • By Zaroxley
      I’ve been dealing with major depressive disorder and anxiety for several years now. I’ve read a lot of books on psychology and neurology. But I’ve only recently started seeing a psychiatrist. I was getting prescriptions from general physicians. Currently I’m on Wellbutrin and it works great for my depression but my anxiety still shows up. I told my doctor that it feels like an under-lying current. The anxiety is constant but I keep it at bay. He prescribed me Seroquel 25mg. Today is my second day on it. I don’t think I really knew how to describe my anxiety before today because today my brain feels silent. It’s like before there was a constant negative voice, my own voice - I guess, that would always repeat any negative thought I ever had. All my doubts were vocalized by this voice. I’ve never described it as a voice before because I always associated it with just thoughts. But today those thoughts are not there. I’m calm and that’s weird. So my question is, is it really anxiety? 
    • By Unburdened
      One of my most problematic symptoms is the voice that says horrible things to me. It can be either silent just in my head or I can say it out loud. Examples are: Everybody hates you. You're pathetic. You stupid bitch. You're useless. You fucking idiot. These insults are relentless and happen when I'm alone. Often it's when I'm in bed and I have to yell out something like shut up get out of my head. But this is endless and the voice will come back, guaranteed. What are some good strategies for when the voice speaks to you? It's really torturing me and the constant criticism is destroying what little self esteem I have. 
    • By grape.guice
      Too in your head to be voices, too loud to be normal thoughts? MAybe i'm talking about different  things here... Do you know what I'm saying if I say thoughts that won't stop talking? Not always a bad thing, but I'm very unresponsive to outside stimulation when I'm like this. It's llike all this information just goes into your mind like BAAM BAM usually accompanied by visuals in the brain (not usually literally visual) just being  supper "absorbed" idk is that the right word? sometimes its random "voices", "loud thoughts" NOT auditory. saying something just plain random.ex "Jerome, I kow you aint been at the grocery store!" or. .. "that's why old ladies don't buy eachhothers facewash" etc... maybe I'm all over the place here maybe I'm looking for some direction. ALso idk I this is EVEN RELATED but hearing the wrong the wrong words out of people's mouths. Like, they say "something" nd I hear "what a fuckin bitch" or I hear "that  was in ur head" and I say "wtf did u just say?!" and they sa y "something"..................... one more thing is that I SOMETIMES INVOLUNTARILY repeat the same phrase over n over(in my head or outloud) . why. if u have ny insight into one or more of these things I woud like to hear about it.. thnx for reading ttyl
    • By The one lurking behind you
      I don't really know where to start.....
      In the past I thought I heard Triste but his voice came from within me, I've read on here that hearing an internal voice is still something to do with psychosis. But this evening, I was in my back garden with my parents going over to a table to pick up a book when suddenly I hear "Excuse me" in a French female accent. It was really loud and clear, so much so that I jerked away from touching the book and looked up. There was no one there apart from my cat sitting next to the table, she was looking at me like 'what?' but it could also have been a knowing look, like as if she heard it too. I don't know, perhaps it was the cat?
      My mum was a few feet away from me talking at the time to my dad. She tends to whistle the letters at the end of words, especially when she whispers. I wondered if it could have been me misinterpreting a sound that she made so I asked my parents and they both said that they didn't hear anything and that I'm probably just hearing things...again.

      It was really creepy even though the voice was calm. It was ghost-like. Now I don't know if I'm hearing things or if there's a ghost in my garden!? What if it comes back, is she good or bad? If she's good will she crush Triste or vice versa. What did she want if she asked "excuse me" in a questioning tone.

      Triste I could influence slightly and my head would hurt when he spoke or channelled things through me. But this was totally independent from me. My head didn't hurt, I got no warning, just BAM! It was completely separate from me. I don't know how to deal with this.
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