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Dropped off here...

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Ahh well i better get this over and done with, you may say all you wish, from hello to goodbye to i love you to im going to kill you (if you are going to kill me then its a first come first serve basis) and anything inbetween.

Well I be "id" and please dont ask if it stands for identification under penalty of FISH insertion... no i dont have a thing for sticking fish in people but now that i think about it... no no bad thoughts.

From the UK (South) need to keep up the north south divide here or we could get over run by monkeys with scouser accents *shivers*

I am at the grand old age of 22 (Mental Age - TBA)

My afflications being:

Bipolar still in dx but its very likely but thats gone to pot since my nice pdoc left me all alone

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Heya .id,

You and I have chatted a bit, I took you seriously and ranted for a while :)

(OK, I like ranting, would have done so even if I'd seen the smiley)

Nice to meet you.

Welcome, have fun, these (us) people can help.



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Ok wondered where you got the irc thing from and then read my post again...

Yea sorry if my post made little to no sense, my mind didnt want to stay on one thing last night, think its because I had the place to myself, ahh freedom it is a dangerous thing.

I really should rewrite it or just start again  ;)

Thanks peeps

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Hi  id,

Welcome ;)

I had no idea what Dyspraxia was, so I looked it up. Half of those symptoms sounded a lot like symptoms of autism and aspergers. Weird.

Anyway, got a smile at your Fish reference (if you read my quote, you will know why).

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