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Hypomania/Mania Symptom Checklist (HCL-32)

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An interesting thing to note about this checklist is that it was designed for international use. Much attention was paid to the description of symptoms so the list would be of equal utility in many countries and further the ability of multi-site (re. international) studies to pool data.

J.A. and T.M first conceptualized the HCL-32. It

comprises a checklist of possible symptoms of hypomania

that are rated yes (present or typical of me)

or no (not present or not typical) by the subject. A

German version was created that was translated into

English by a professional translator and then retranslated

back into German (by T.M. and J.A.).

The English version was distributed for re-drafting

by all co-authors and the final agreed-upon version

was re-edited by an English psychiatrist (J.S.). This

version served for the translations into French, Italian,

Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian.

Translation into each language followed the same

process as outlined above, e.g. F.B. translated the

English version into Italian, it was then independently

translated back into English (to check the translation),

and then a final Italian translation was

produced. The Swedish version of the HCL-32 was

created from two translations produced independently

by R.A. and P.S. Consensus was reached on a

final version that was subjected to the translation

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