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seroquel and decreased appetite?

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so i started taking seroquel about a month or so ago, just 25mg so not a huge dosage, but i've noticed that i'm not nearly as hungry as i used to be. i used to constantly be ready to eat a meal and now if i eat small meals twice a day i feel completely full. i've actually lost around 10 pounds since starting.

i did some research and found that most people find they have an increased appetite with seroquel so i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

honestly i kind of miss being ready to eat whenever, it was nice to eat my feelings away ;;


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It happened to me too. I was on Zoloft for 18 months and I tapered but no very slowly and then I couldn't  fall asleep, even ambien was useless.

Then I start taking quetiapine IR 50mg to help me fall asleep. It worked very well taken at bedtime, I was falling asleep very easy. I stayed like that, with only 50mg quetiapine and no SSRI for around 100-110 days and lost more than 15 pounds, down to a point that everybody was telling me how thin I look and to watch out no to lose more. TBH I was kind of depressed at the moment.

Then I started again zoloft for a while with only 25mg quetiapine as a sleeping aid and my weight stabilized then after some months I switch to lexapro at night.

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