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One thing I have noticed I get is I feel as if certain hallucinations I get are entirely normal, that I think as if everyone gets these and these are not indicative of any psychiatric illness. I get this with my low light hallucinations, which look like (often pulsating) gray coffee stain-like blotches on my vision or waves of yellow color pulsating over my visual field, which I am entirely convinced that everyone probably gets these, and that these are not indicative of mental illness in and of themselves (even though I know I get psychotic). Part of it is that I do not remember when they started; it feels as if they were always there, whereas I have a definite start to my mood symptoms and my other psychotic symptoms, so they feel simply normal to me, so much normal that for the longest time I really did believe that everyone got them. Does anyone else have anything live this?

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For me, I have recently learned that people do not normally get these hallucinations, but I still feel the same way about them. That is, it is not lack of insight per se going on, at least these days, but something else is going on now. A delusion about my own hallucinations maybe? The problem with that though is my delusions are not very long-lived, lasting about a week or so at most, but this is very long-lived... I do not even remember when it started.

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