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...Yeah, I don't really have a serious answer for that question. I suppose "the sort of person who answers philosophical questions with les mis quotes" is as good a description of who I am as any. Anyway, I've been awake for nearly 48 hours now, and, in a weird pseudo-intoxicated sleepless haze, have decided that joining crazyboards is The Thing To Do. I'm 20, a college student, and have been professionally diagnosed with a whole slew of shit, predominantly borderline personality disorder. Freshman year has been rough, to say the least. I've basically become a hermit out of fear that I'll slip up and people will realize that I'm more then just "a little off." I've always told myself "you may not be able to control what comes out of your mouth, but you're able to control whether or not to open it." The problem with that philosophy is that there's nowhere in the world that's safe for me to talk. I guess that's what I'm hoping to find here.

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