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Do the stimulating effects of lamictal go away with time?

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I take all my psyco meds, save the sleeping meds, in the AM because I want the biggest bang for my buck. I want the meds to be most active while I am awake. Just like I take all my heart meds in the AM because that is the greatest time for cardiovascular strain.

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Notloki: "Many report things stabilize and side effects go away at 100 mg. For me every dosage change brought side effects that took a week or two to settle and go away."

Is there any chance of side effects going away on 3 weeks or so of a lower dose...? I know they may come back at a higher dose (or different side effects might appear). I don't mean to hijack at all. Did you have any persistent side effects that take more than a couple weeks to go away?



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There is always a chance but most report what I said above, things get better at 100 mg. For dosage adjustments above 100 mg I mainly had my sleep disturbed for a week or 2. Initial side effects (headache, insomnia) lasted longer as the titration to 100 mg took about 4 weeks but they stopped once I hit 100 mg

Where are you, dosage wise, in your titration ?

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I found LTG very activating during the initial titration-I got cranky, irritable, and generally felt worse for at least three weeks, which is how long it took me to get to 50 mgs (my doc wanted a slow titration because I'd gotten a rash NOS the first time and I tend to be med-sensitive). Every subsequent increase has made me a little touchy (I'm at 200 mgs now), and I still need to take it in the morning.

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