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Mixed or just anxious?

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How can i tell if i have a mixed episode or just worsening in anxiety/compulsion + depression? I cant tell at all??

This is how i feel right now:

- Cant sleep, too much energy

- Not happy at all!! just anxious and very annoyed.

- Compulsive productivity. Produced 30+ pages in one week, always need to write something. Done all the schoolwork in the last to week for the next 3 months. Not like hypomania, because im not driven by creativity, but by compulsion.

- Physical sensations with anxiety, dizzy, tingling, not hungry

- See things wrong. Suddenly cant read properly, get confused. 100 + 50 i will read as 150 etc. Physical fake sensations, like someone dragging my backpack or pushing me.

- Extremely scared of getting sick, compulsive hand washing. Incredibly angry at anyone who coughs or seems sick.

- Used up all my money, but i cant remember on what. No big projects like hypomania, just random things. Can't remember what.

- Mixed drugs and sex a lot, kind of risky? But not like hypomania, i did this with someone i know. No strangers.

Could this be a mixed episode? Or just anxiety that got worse? I cant tell the difference.

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It sounds to me like you are hypo/mixed but it is hard to say because anxiety can be symptom as well. I understand you do not how you feel right now but do not worry about what it is but focus on trying to help yourself, contact your mental health support, they know you better then anyone.

I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon

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