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Video ads on CB - help. I don't want to turn on adblock

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Hey guys, 

CB is one of the few sites I have adblock turned off. These last few days a video ad (something about gentlemen) keeps playing over and over even after I pause it. It just restarts. The sound is off so that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that it makes the site unusable. I can't scroll up if it's playing and it won't stop playing!! If I manage to scroll up it just drags me back down.

I don't know how to make it stop. It's annoying. It's not on every page but it keeps popping up everywhere all the time. I just turned on adblock on CB but I don't want to keep it on. 


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THANK YOU!!! I am having a hard time with the same thing.  I thought it was just me.

Not sure what was causing it.  I can't even pause the video ads, so the pages keep scrolling to the bottom ever few seconds.  It is very hard to post.

Happens to me on every page.

@iaawal How do you turn on adblock?

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@melissaw72 I think adblock was something I downloaded a while back. I googled adblock for chrome and at the top of the browser I get a little icon that's either red (ads are blocked) or green (ads not blocked) so to turn it on for CB I clicked the green icon and selected the option to disable the ads.


@jt07 Okay, jt. I will make sure to do that when I get home. Didn't think of that when I posted this! oops. :)  

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6 hours ago, Velvet Elvis said:

I am pretty sure I got it this time.  If this happens again, can you check and see if it's the same in a different browser?

Sure ... will do my best.

@iaawal  I use firefox, and do not have adblock either.  I've never had a problem with private browsing.  It seems to be only certain video sites on CB. I don't think they all cause the page to continuously scroll to the bottom, just some.

Before, it was one video ad effecting the entire site for me, so I couldn't post anywhere.

Now it seems like it is where it will continuously scroll to the bottom of the page, but when I go to another page (on CB), without the video ad, it is fine, no problems. 

Thanks @Velvet Elvis

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1 hour ago, Velvet Elvis said:

With sound?  There are a ton of videos that autoplay, but if there is no sound, it should not be a problem.  

Not sure if there was sound ... all I know is that they were causing the screen to continually scroll to the top of the page.  Next time I will listen for sound or not.

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