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Gabapentin, helpful for depression?

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13 minutes ago, La La LOLocaust said:

Gabapentin definitely eases some depressive symptoms. It's a wonder drug for anxiety. They really need to look into this med more in clinical trials because it really, really can do amazing things for some people.

They want to schedule it as a controlled substance in my state because some people are abusing it. I took it years ago as an adjunct for depression, but it didn't help me at all.  Maybe I didn't take a high enough dose. I can't remember.

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I took it for migraines, and we don't think that it was coincidental that while I was taking it, my mood completely stabilized, and I went into remission for 8 years (yes, that can happen). We tried it again many years later, and it made me put on weight really fast, so I couldn't stay on it.

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