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Advice needed...is risperidone not working?

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As some of you know I'm hearing voices that tell me I'm going to die soon. They're freaking scary. I also see beautiful angels that are with me because I'm going to die. Pdoc prescribed 6 mg of risperidone along with my other meds but I notice no improvement. I've been taking them for the last 2 weeks and the voices are still there scaring me. I want the voices to go away because I don't want to be reminded of my death. Is risperidone not working? Should I call pdoc? 

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I was taking 8mg risperdal and it didn't do a damn thing for me, they've had me on all sorts of meds and none have touched my voices other than clopixol. Worth noting that clopixol isn't licensed in the states. Well worth discussing with you pdoc though to find something that works for you though. Good luck!

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