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Hello, I am 46 been on prozac for 20 years. I feel fine but since four months I have been plagued by constant singing/music  in my head. It is unvoluntary and stops only when I am asleep. I am not a musical person and dont always feel the need for the radio etc. I work 40hrs as an acountant and have two teenage girls and a very supportive husband. I can't sleep or think and i want to go and see my doctor but am worried how bizarre it will seem. I wonder if anyone else has ever had the same and if you have any advice? I don't feel depressed but tired and annoyed and wishing it to stop. It can be any song I heard but 100% constant whether I like it or not. my only break is in a deep sleep, but starts again before I am fully awake. thanks :-)


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Hi minxx and welcome to crazyboards.

Would you like me to move your post from the introductions to a different part of the boards that talks more about symptoms like you're experiencing? It's totally fine you put it here. I just don't want you to feel ignored with your questions.

Any time you have questions or aren't sure how something works 'round these parts, feel free to send a message to a moderator or admin.

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