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People do Suck


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And you know who you are, self righteous ejits.

why do you keep changing your posts?

i thought you said it quite well the first time.

if you're angry, by all means voice that anger.

Will that get me removed? I'll keep trying, you can have my vaporware, it's all lies anyway, being psychotic as I am...

I hope you both were able to manage enough of a hard on over your posts directed towards me that you may have at least one interesting night of love making in your pathetic Howard Hughes lives.

Fuck you very much,


Please let me know if further insults are necessary to have me removed from these boards, since you hold us hostage, I'm not exactly sure what the correct protocol would be.


p.s. whether each other or farm animals, safe, sane consensual...lest you forget, considering your mental illnesses and all...just a friendly word from info I read on the INTERNET.

[Edit: Quoted last name removed as per site policy.]

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