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I am getting terrible headaches from taking Klonipin. I started taking it back in November off and on and it didn't do this at first, but now it's becoming an everyday thing. I only take 1 MG a day if that. I've been taking excedrin migraine with caffeine and ibuprofen. The headaches are really hard to get off of. I took this medication for years, last time 3 years ago and it didn't give me a headache then. Klonipin had saved my life in the past. How do I get past the headaches. What can I take? 

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@Alisha, have you told your doc about the headaches?.......If not, I strongly suggest you let him/her know ASAP.

It's possible that the Klon might not be causing them, and more medical investigation may need to be done to find the cause, especially if you're getting these headaches every day now.

Your doc might suggest a CT scan.


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3 hours ago, Alisha said:

How do I get past the headaches. What can I take?

I agree with @CrazyRedhead ... I would definitely tell your DR (neurologist?) about the headaches.  If you've been fine for 3 years, and all of a sudden you have started getting headaches every day, that is a big reason to tell your DR.  And I agree that the klonopin might not be causing the headaches; it might have been a coincidence of something else going on at the same time.  It is hard to tell without seeing a DR as to what is going on. 

What to take for them ... that is a great question to as your DR.


Do you see a neurologist for the headaches?  If not I highly suggest finding one.


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