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You're welcome.

I looked up some stuff about the akathisia and treatment (if you decide to go on the Vraylar and happen to get the akathisia side effect) ...



EPEs associated with antipsychotics include acute dystonias, pseudoparkinsonism, and akathisia.




Akathisia is characterized by subjective feelings of restlessness and anxiety and objective signs of motor activity, such as inability to sit still. This EPE appears days to weeks after antipsychotic exposure begins and can be difficult to manage. If reduction of the antipsychotic dosage or a switch to a less potent antipsychotic is not practical or effective, an anticholinergic, beta-blocker, or benzodiazepine may be added. Lipophilic beta-blockers, especially propranolol and metoprolol, appear to be the most effective treatments.

(same link as above)


Personally, I've taken cogentin for pseudoparkinsonism, and it worked well.  When I went off the med/s causing it (I can't remember which one though ... there was a combo of them), it all went away and I didn't need cogentin anymore.


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