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Need help. Fiance is suicidal with no insurance. Possible psychosis.

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I'll try to keep this short, but I'm extremely terrified so I might rant a little.

Basically my fiance lost his job about a month ago and ever since has been in a deep depression. Nothing new there, as we have both dealt with depression (on and off) for a very long time. Then last week, he stopped sleeping and was barely eating. His mood didn't seem all that low surprisingly. He was still talking to me and still seemed like himself. He was just exhausted from the horrible insomnia.

All of this seemed manageable until Thursday night when everything suddenly changed. We got into a small pointless argument and then he went into the other room while I went to bed. I didn't even get to sleep before I heard him explode in the other room. For the next 6 hours he exploded with anger every 20-40 minutes. He punched the wall and hurt his hand, hit his face a lot, and destroyed some property. This entire time, he was a different person. He would stop mid sentence to scream and say how worthless he was and then completely change the subject again. I used to take care of a severely mentally ill woman and this seemed exactly like her psychosis and delusions. Every single thought was blown up x 10 and he was completely out of control. If I wasn't there, he would have killed himself for sure. Eventually (with lots of benzos) he calmed down enough to talk and fall asleep. 

The next day we talked extensively about what happened. He can't remember most of what happened and says he felt like he had a psychotic break or something. We made a plan that if it happened again, we would go to the hospital even though he doesn't have health insurance. 

Well it's happening again right now. Only not as bad. He isn't in any psychotic state right now, just extremely angry and he's shut down. He won't talk to me and won't tell me if he wants to hurt himself. He broke his glasses and punched the desk. I'm completely terrified. I'm in over my head here and I don't know how to help him. I know he'd never hurt me, but he definitely has the capability of hurting himself. 

I don't know what to do. I've gone over this in my head 1000 times and I'm lost. I don't think he's going to do anything immediately, but I also can't go to bed and leave him alone. On top of it all, we're completely broke. With just my income, the bills are barely getting paid. His parents might help but they'd hold it over his head until the end of time. 

He desperately needs help. Can't go to the regular doctor because it's too severe for that but also can't hope for this to just go away on it's own. Sorry for writing a book here. If you read all of this, thanks. 


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Nathena, I'm sorry, but CB is a first person site. We can talk to your husband if he wants to open his own account, but can't translate his needs for you. It's hard enough to help people help themselves, when they're dealing with their own struggles. 

This is our list of resources for people trying to help loved ones. 

I hope it helps you and your husband. If you feel that you, or he, are in physical danger, call emergency services. Stay safe. I wish you the best.

Gearhead (admin)


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