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Worst Day Ever

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OMG today was horrible. I usually ride a shorter train commute to my school, but it decided to flood on the tracks so for two days there won't be train service. So I went to an alternate light rail and went to look for parking, there should be more signs because I ended up accidentally parking in a carpool zone parking spot and its super expensive that was toward the end of my day though. I thought I needed to cancel an appointment to talk to someone about school stuff, but after I cancelled I ended up getting there with enough time. uggh and the person was pretty much no help, so that sucked. Next I went to print out copies of club stuff i'm thinking of joining, and for some reason I ended up redoing some of the questions and answers for this survey and then consequently missing a three hour class (how does that happen?) even when I set up an alarm.  I did end up getting there about 2 hours and 50 mins in, but I felt so awkward walking in a full class, and the teachers in the middle walking around lecturing. We had assignment that we had to present, so missed that and missed if we had any homework because I practically ran out the class once it was over, it was over in 5 minutes. I think when I get very anxious which happened soon after I got extremely foggy minded, The foggy mind and kind of like a helmet feel was around in the morning and afternoon and I felt it effected me being able to go about my day. Also throughout the day I felt like I was outside the world watching it like a HD TV and I feel so unreal, that was depressing. Thanks for reading.

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Sorry your day was so horrible. :( I tend to also disconnect from reality like that too. Typically when I'm overwhelmed. Everything feels like I'm watching a movie.

I also wanted to let you know though that some posts, like this one, are better reserved for blogs. Not sure if you've used the blogs before but if you hover over the "browse" tab you'll see "blogs." There you can blog your little heart away. 

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