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Empassioned ranting: manic return or no?

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So things have been on the rocks with a good friend for a long time, but they've finally kind of crashed and the relationship has broken. I'm upset about it, but what can you do? 

I've thought that I'd been slipping into a depression recently anyway, with this situation only making it worse, but the past couple nights I've experienced something that has me questioning this.

Something that's always kind of been a staple of my manic states is a ton of psychomotor agitation (mostly pacing) and empassionately ranting, usually late at night, getting so into a topic that I get entirely off topic. And last night I did that a total of twice.

-So my younger sister is a junior in high school and she's taking honors history. I'm excellent at history and offered to help her with these projects she has due in the future. I was talking to her about what the next one was about and she mentions casually that she has one about the Cuban Missile Crisis (my favorite event of the Cold War because of how purely fascinating it was to me). I get super excited and am basically bouncing on my heels and talking about it turns into an empassioned rant about how you have to read history as a story, look at the figures like characters, explore their motivations, then I started ranting about using the American Civil War as an example and it somehow turned into discussing My Immortal (that Harry Potter fan fiction that's so bad its legendary).

-Later that night, after we read My Immortal aloud for like an hour, I got into this long rant about how to not make your characters shitty Mary Sues and how Rey from the new Star Wars trilogy isn't one, despite the opinion of many a fanboy. I also went into how none of the trilogy protagonists really are actually,  but how fantastic Carrie Fisher is and that's all that matters. That then fed into me explaining how, despite how unrealistic the plot of Mean Girls was, I thought Regina George was actually a really good villain and how she was actually really intelligent. We then watched Mean Girls until like 1 AM.

I don't know if this is starting to kick up into stress-triggered mania for me either because I've been perfectly well rested on 5.5 or so hours of sleep last night and 6.5 hours of broken sleep the night before. Both nights I see myself feasibly able to have stayed up without affecting that much as well, and I've gotten quite a bit of drawing and writing done the past two days.

I have a tdoc appointment on Friday and I get my meds from a regular doctor, who I should be seeing this week after I get my blood work in today. Should I be worried, mention this to them both? Should I keep an eye out? 

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It's definitely a good idea to bring it up with your therapist, but I'd keep an eye on it for a week before getting worried about your medication routine. It's possible to have a few manic days without having a full-blown episode, and jumping the gun on medication can make things way, way worse. If you're already on depakote and think a higher dose would be helpful, mentioning that would be a good idea, but if you think your doctor would want to switch up which meds you're taking, I'd definitely advise a wait. Perhaps you could ask your doctor for a potential change of medication to have available in case things get worse? That way, you have options. 

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4 hours ago, jacques said:

I have a tdoc appointment on Friday and I get my meds from a regular doctor, who I should be seeing this week after I get my blood work in today. Should I be worried, mention this to them both? Should I keep an eye out? 

I'd bring it up with your tdoc to see what s/he thinks after you tell her about what you wrote and how you feel about it.  I don't think it would hurt to mention to your prescribing DR either.

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