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though i haven't been posting in this section, it's about time i do.

i've reported in the ptsd and anxiety boards that EMDR has been an amazing technique for me. along with meds and yoga and other good things, it has basically cured me of PTSD and social anxiety.    i found that i still had some free-floating GAD which i was channeling into OCD. yesterday i had another EMDR session, but specifically focusing on that. it was miraculous. today, instead of lining up my hundreds of things to do before i'm at peace, i'm just, at peace.

i know there's always bumps on the road and i will have another session next week but i'm very excited that this shit works so well.

for those unfamiliar, here's the link pinned to the PTSD section. my tdoc says whenever possible to get a "trainer" rather than "level 2" but as with all therapy the most important thing is trust. and rapport and stuff.


it's not for everyone but for some it is a lifesaver.

best wishes for healing.    aloha.

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