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Manic in certain seasons

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I have been diagnosed bipolar for fourteen years now. my first manic episode resulted in a hospitalization and diagnosis. I wasn't eating, trespassing. Rearrange furniture at 4am. Communicating with the dead... you know how it is.

I seem to become manic pretty predictably at certain times of year. And be quite stable at others. My dad always jokes that he spends his birthday visiting me in the psych ward. It's true. 

I have been really trying in recent years to take my pills and prevent the manias. I have been in the hospital much less. I take an antipsychotic. It as if there's nothing I can do though, and I find that at these times of year I'm doomed to suffer from delusions and deteriorating rational thinking until some concerned person calls the police to collect me for my own good. In some years I mange to fight through and take pills and stay sane, and in some years I find myself strapped to a gourney yanking on the restraints, watching people inject me with sedatives and IV fluids. 

It's just scary because April is approaching. Last year I spent 72 hours in the ER, was administered meds and released. If not for a complete lack of beds or any hope of one becoming available, I would have been admitted.

Has anyone else gone through repeated hospitalization? I'm considering asking my doctor if I can be administered these emergency doses before things get beyond me being 'safe'.  I wonder if they would agree to it. Does anybody take meds in this manner?



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Hey, I've also been through repeated hospitalizations, as have many here. I think asking for those extra medications is a good idea - I also have emergency medications that I don't take everyday but only if it looks like I could spiral out of control with mania or psychosis. 

The only reasons i can think of for a doctor saying no is if you pose a suicide risk and the medications can get you there, or if they're addictive. In that case, it might be worth asking if you can leave them with a family member who can judge if you need them or not. My mum moved to another country to watch me and administer my meds at my most unstable (she's great). Hospitalization is inconvenient and really expensive, so I think your doctor would likely agree that the best outcome is preventing it where possible. 

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It's been awhile since I've been in the hospital but years ago I was in and out repeatedly. I had two emergency meds I could take, an antipsychotic and a sleeping pill for when I felt I needed that extra bit to keep me level. They sometimes worked and sometimes it wasn't enough but having it as an option was never a bad thing.

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The doctor I have been seeing for ages upon ages was not receptive to the idea of prescribing stronger meds. He would always say they're too strong to keep at home. I have a new doctor, finally. Maybe she will agree to it. It seems logical and not totally unprecedented with people here. 

That is a good idea to enlist a family member to help. By the time I needed them I'm sure I'd be rather confused and would not know how much I had taken or maybe even remember to take them.

Very insightful, TreeMan, even having stronger meds at home, it might not be enough to avoid the hospital.

That's it exactly,  Jordansonfleek! I really love August. It is my golden month when I'm usually stable. 




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