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Cut CB in for part of your spending spree

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It's a little mania humor, because we've all been there, and by no means do I want anyone to do anything stupid with their money. But the fact is that CrazyBoards, despite the love, advice, and support we dish out gratis every day, does ultimately need money to keep on going. We've got servers to pay for. And since we are not a non-profit, despite the overall lack of profitability, there are still taxes to pay.

We know that money is tight right now, and meds aren't getting any cheaper, but any amount you could spare would be so very much appreciated. Click here to visit our GoFundMe campaign and make your generous donation to keep Crazyboards online.The dough your spend here will have a much more lasting value than what you might blow on 3,000 colored pencils for that project you're planning to undertake-the one where you draw a 1:1,000 scale replica of Paris on chewing gum wrappers.

Your loving mod,


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I would love too but I just got my mothers benefits back, So we need to pay our debts off first, we have been living off my benefits and have rent to pay but when I get £10 from my surveys I will donate it, just a case of waiting for ones I can complete. 

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