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Generic bupropion XL question

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I switching to generic bupropion XL and I take 450 mg. So I take a generic 300 mg XL and a generic 150 mg XL pill. Can I take them at the same time or do I need to let at least 8 hrs pass between doses ?

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3 minutes ago, notloki said:

The pills are 24 hr, not 12 hr.

I'm sorry ... what I was trying to say is that by taking them all at once, they would both last the full time.  But if you took them at 2 different times of the day, there would be the overlapping so the level would be constant even at the 24 hour mark.  Does that make sense?  (I'm sorry I am having a hard time explaining what I mean).

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Thanks to all who replied. I forget about using the pharmacist as a resource. Years ago when all we had was brand Wellbutrin XL I took 300 mg and 150 mg XL tabs but could not for the life of me remember what the dosing schedule was. 

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