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Has anyone else here been violent during psychosis?

When i arrived in the ER i remember being scared and asking for female nurses as i thought the males would sexually abuse me.

When i was in the ER i was apparently hitting and assualting the nurses and docs. I don't remember doing this at all and i dont know why i would be so violent. Needless to say i was strapped down for idk how long. I dont remember being restrained either. This is just what my mom told me as she was there with me.

Anyone else become violent during psychosis? What happened and do you remember why you were violent?

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Yes, absolutely. I haven't had a delusion that made me violent, but I've certainly had hallucinations and heightened senses that have. Command hallucinations are especially bad, because you can feel compelled to carry them out.

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Yes I've experienced this, once in an ambulance, to me I was tightening my belt i was in seat not layed down. But according to paramedic I was trying to escape, but I'm sure i could have managed to undo the lap belt...I really was just tugging at it tightly, tightening it around me for security I think, but I guess that could have been perceived as an attempt to escape the ambulance...I'd be disappointed in my self if that was ever an escape tactic lol 

 Second time, I was stood against the window my shoulders resting against the glass, I was just  tapping my head on the glass I remember just like nodding i was board and waiting for my mum, but apparently I was head butting the glass and need restraining. 

So so strange.....


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