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Valproate does not seem to work if i take complete 100% dose at bedtime, I have to take some valproate dose in morning or else the symptoms(jerks and twitches) come back the next morning. 

Problem with taking it in the morning is that it causes too much tiredness and sleepiness.

I read somewhere the half life of valproate is between 9-16 hours. So maybe thats why the symptoms come back the next day. I take 200mg in morning and 400mg at night(both extended release)

Is it possible to take complete valproate dose at bedtime and have total relief for the next 24 hrs without taking it in the morning ?

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22 hours ago, centaurus said:

I think it's better to take it in divided doses owning it's short half-life, even it's extended release. I take 500mg in morning and 750mg at night Depakine Chrono (same as epilim chrono)

I suppose everyone is different. The patient information leaflet says once or twice daily.  

I felt really sedated the morning after taking the full dose at night so I asked my pdoc about splitting the dose, taking 800mg am and 800mg pm. He was fine about that. But I was tired during the day as well as being absolutely ravenous!!

So I then tried 600mg am and 1000mg pm and wasn't happy with that either.

So I went back to the original plan, taking all 1600mg at night. I no longer feel sedated the following morning as long as I take it about 12 hours before I have to get up. I have relief from my symptoms all through the day

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