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Is it weird that I like to be annoying?

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At work I can be a very annoying person, some people hate some of the stuff I do (mostly some people hate when I whistle all day), but I really don't care; they may think badly of me, but I'm trying to handle those long days at work as best as I can and I'm not getting anywhere near as stressed out as I used to (when I used to work many 15 hour days (almost 70 hours Monday through Friday) I got so stressed out that I seriously thought about jumping in front of traffic; I would work so hard for this company and get treated like crap because I didn't become friends with the supervisor in that area and talk instead of working; if you talked a lot you could be her friend, otherwise you would get yelled at when you stopped working for 10 seconds); thankfully that 1 problem coworker got fired because she tried to get somebody fired every work day, because I will not tolerate anything like that anymore; if anybody turns me in to HR because of some minor crap I will tell HR anything I have on them so it's not one sided and I get in trouble.

I will not allow myself to get in trouble over some bull**** when I work very hard for this company and I do as much overtime as they ask of me (i normally have Fridays off, but I haven't had a Friday off in 1.5 months) and I am as reliable as possible (if they ask me to come in, I will go to work, I never tell them yes and not show up), so they owe it to me to not bother me with some bull**** when I'm basically jumping through hoops with this company, out of hundreds of employees im the most consistent, most reliable person they have; besides the times when I took off for a week long vacation I have had 2 or 3 days off of scheduled work in roughly 3 years (that includes sick days; I'm so serious about work I have worked through weeks of Bronchitis before (i have Asthma so maybe I should take being sick more seriously)).

If anything I am too serious about work and I give too much of myself to them; and I don't have as much time as I should for as many things as I try to do (watching TV shows and playing video games on my time off keeps me super busy most of the year); so is it really too much to ask that they leave me alone when somebody complains about some minor bull**** when I am super reliable and have had 2 or 3 days off (besides vacation that I have put in for months ahead of time)? 

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like they should know by now that I may joke around a bit (maybe a lot even); but I am as reliable as anybody, maybe too much so; maybe I should treat those times that I get sick more seriously and take more days off and not do so much overtime

I hope my grammar isn't bothering anybody, I'm drunk for the first time in nearly 3 months, so grammar may not be my strong point right now.

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Why do you like to be annoying, especially with people you work with at a great and very productive job that you seem to like (If I am reading what you said correctly).

Personally, if someone was annoying me every day (if I worked), I would get extremely irritated and bring it up with my boss or supervisor or someone above me who can tell the person to stop what they are doing, and consequences if they don't listen.  But that is just my opinion.

Do you see a pdoc and/or take medication?  Does your pdoc know about any of this?

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It doesn't sound so much as you like being annoying as that you are trying to relieve stress and don't care if it bothers them. (I could be reading it wrong). You do sound like you have a lot going on with work.

I am not sure if this relates, but I smile when I am angry. Especially, if I say something that i think is a zinger. I know it can be hurtful but it also amuses me. I don't feel remorse, either. It goes against my natural instinct to want people to like me. 

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