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Confusing mood state

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It seems like I'm in a perpetual state of confusion about my moods.

I had what was definitely a big-ass hypomanic episode. A med adjustment took care of that in short order. Then I spent some time bouncing between a slightly low mood and baseline. Now, though, I don't know where I am. I don't feel sad most of the time. I'm laughing freely. I'm sleeping normally, if a little less than typical. I feel like there's hope for the future (although not the eternal future, because I'm convinced I'm going to hell). On the other hand, my negative self-talk has increased. I'm isolating more. I have less interest in the things I usually enjoy. I've stopped cleaning. Anyone ever experience a weird mood limbo like this one? Is it something you can just snap out of since it's not likely true depression? Or is it possible that it is depression without all the symptoms? I'm at a loss.

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Sometimes I just get the physical symptoms of depression... sleeping a lot, exhausted, low energy... without the cognitive stuff. Maybe that's what's happening with you? Especially if you're coming down from hypomania.

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11 hours ago, crtclms said:

How long has it been since you were hypomanic?

Maybe three weeks. Might just be two. I was hypo for about a month. Part of the time, I stupidly went off meds and got even worse. Then I went back on an increased dose and that killed it. 

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